The Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability is active in the field of applied innovation and entrepreneurship research and committed to the vision of sustainable development.
Borderstep is an independent research institute focused on entrepreneurial solutions for global challenges. Borderstep’s research-driven projects focus on green innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship, climate change and energy efficiency in buildings and IT systems.
Our mission is to contribute to a fundamental global transformation toward a green and sustainable economy through excellent interdisciplinary research.
We generate new, problem-oriented knowledge that galvanizes the world! We see ourselves as pioneering scientists and strive to contribute to transforming business processes and lifestyles to a green economy based on outstanding research. In the process, we strengthen and support those in society who are leading the way and innovating to make sustainability reality.
Borderstep focuses on seeking concepts that combine economic success with ecological and social sustainability, for example through climate mitigation or ensuring the protection of natural resources. We want our work to help economic actors to take their responsibility to society more seriously.