Fraunhofer ISE

Brief description

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has a great experience in the field of solar thermal energy for many years. The department "Thermal collectors and concentrator optics" in the field of "solar thermal and optics" accompanies and initiates solar thermal collector and system development and operates  with the TestLab Solar Thermal Systems  a laboratory for the measurement of solar thermal collectors and systems. With a heat pipe test stand in the performance and temperature range of vacuum tube collectors, the equipment and expertise for measuring heat pipes is also available. Within the department "Thermal Systems and Buildings" integrated solar systems are developed and measured in the TestLab Solar Façades. In Addition transparent collectors have also been modeled and simulated. A further group ("Coating - Technologies and Systems") is researching in the field of coatings in the sputtering process for many years. So samples or small batches can be coated there.