The Institute of Building Construction Chair 2 is involved in developing integrated and future-oriented concepts for the building sector, implementing such aspects as sustainability, energy efficiency, economy, and design. In close co-operation with the building industry and within diverse research projects, a variety of architectural assignments in various scales are dealt with. The wide field of research activities covers all details of building construction from conception and planning of integrated elements for the building envelope to individual components. Our focus is placed on optimizing the envelope in regard of energy and functional aspects, as well as implementing systems for the generation of energy.

University of Stuttgart

Faculty 1 Architecture and Urban Planning

Institute for Building Construction

Chair 2 for Building Construction, Technology and Design


Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Pellkofer, MBA

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Robanus

University of Stuttgart, Institute for Building Construction 2

Keplerstr. 11

70174 Stuttgart

Telephone       +49 711 685-83253

Telefax            +49 711 685-83252

E-Mail              info@ibk2.uni-stuttgart.de

Web:               http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/ibk2/